We believe that it's part of God's plans for us!

Some 20 years ago at a college, he saw me just once. He liked my smile, but we never met because he had to withdraw from college and yet, somehow my image stuck on the back of his mind for some reason and he didn't know why. Flash forward 20 years, I received an email with a list of potential matches. Normally, I don't care for profiles with no photos, but for some reason, I opted to take a peek at his profile and was surprised to find that he went to the same college I also went to. I had no idea if we've known each other or not so it prompted me to send him a smile. Soon, he responded and we began to correspond for a while before moving on to texting and vping. Not too long after that, we fell in love with each other and have been dating ever since! He's my perfect soulmate and true love! Oh, he said when he saw my current photos, he immediately remembered that day he saw me and now he knows why it has stuck in his mind all along! We believe that it's part of God's plans for us! Praise the Lord! :^)

- Artsygirl & Red4U

Artsygirl & Red4U

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