He was the right one for me.

Hello My name is Debra,
I am here to tell you my success story. I had just gotten over my ex-husband when I found this site. I wanted to try it. When I first tried I was kind of scared, but then I met some men who was matched with my personality. Shortly after that, I found my true love. We started talking and talking and talking and we didn't stop because we had so much in common. We both had the same moral values. He came down from where he lived and visited me. He was the right one for me. Soon I
found myself to be more happier than ever. We are planning on moving in together and getting married. My username was : Debi1102 and he was Ylovchan . We will update you later and please keep me in your prayers because I will put
you in mine . Thank You!!!!

Debi and Jack,


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