Success Stories: 2007

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Madly in love

Sweetgal5 and airhawk1 found each other and are madly in love. Thanks for dsc as I would not have found my true prince charming. We did meet each other in person after chatting for almost 4 weeks and lucky for him he found me and it was love at first sight. We already discussed about our future and we plan to live together someday... Thank DSC again From SweetGal5 and Airhawk1

SweetGal5 & airhawk1

Prince charming of my dreams.

Unspokenwings met smilus in DSC. He is awesome. I am so happy to have met him. We have decided to live together and go out as a couple. I really am crazy about this guy. We hit it off so fast, thanks for DSC. If it was not for DSC I would have never found this prince charming of my dreams.

unspokenwings & smilus

My perfect match!

I met Jammy0073 on this site. He and I hit it off together for he was a great guy. We talked a lot and he was coming to see me. Thank you for the marvelous site for me to be able to get my perfect match!

Curious1960 & Jammy0073

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