Success Stories: 2007

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He was the right one for me.

Hello My name is Debra,
I am here to tell you my success story. I had just gotten over my ex-husband when I found this site. I wanted to try it. When I first tried I was kind of scared, but then I met some men who was matched with my personality. Shortly after that, I found my true love. We started talking and talking and talking and we didn't stop because we had so much in common. We both had the same moral values. He came down from where he lived and visited me. He was the right one for me. Soon I
found myself to be more happier than ever. We are planning on moving in together and getting married. My username was : Debi1102 and he was Ylovchan . We will update you later and please keep me in your prayers because I will put
you in mine . Thank You!!!!

Debi and Jack,


We fell in love

I am glad to find my true love since Oct. 16. His name was deaftaz24, a loving man from Las Vegas. We talk everyday, never missed a day to chat and guess what...we fell in love and can't wait to meet on Nov. 28th when he will fly to TN from Las Vegas. I soon plan to be engaged by deaftaz. For my deaftaz, I really love you so much. Thanks to the Deaf Singles Connection, I have been here since.

HeartiesSoul4U & deaftaz24

I am happy with him.

I found the guy for me. Bubbyo sent me an smile in Nov 2005 and I replied back. We kept sending an email back and forth and then we chatted online. We lost touch, then I found him again. Thank you for finding my match. I will see him this Christmas and see how it goes. I am happy with him.


lilcute83 & Bubbyo


BurBrp and RedRoxyMami met and had Endless conversations til we met in reality on September 5, 2007. They are meant for each other. We couldn't leave each other so Budbrp asked Redroxymami to move with him. Redroxymami decide to move and have a new life .....

We want to thank you for the special instant connection between us. We will not know what
we will do without DSC.
Thank you!
Budbrp and Redroxymami

budbrp & RedRoxyMami

Grateful to DSC for helping us reunite after 40 years

One day I was in google and was looking for something about a deaf cruise that I had heard about. There was a pop up about dsc, so out of curiousity I clicked the dsc website never dreaming that someone that I had not seen or heard from in 40 years had her (Fleixanna) profile in dsc. We met and caught up on old times and we are now dating each other. I will forever be grateful to DSC for helping us reunite after 40 years. Thank you dsc from the bottom of my heart... Att2ude and Fleixanna

Att2ude & Fleixanna

Treats me the very best

RhinoChasers10 and Checkersluv90 would like to tell you it worked for both of us. At first, She sent me a Smile. I rarely checked on Smile and viewing on her profile WITHOUT the picture!!! I immediately responded back to her saying "would you like to chat online"... She flew over and treats me the very best~ that was a very happy moment of my new life. We are very pleased with DSC's service. Thank You very much, Eric and Dee.

RhinoChasers10 & Checkersluv90

Mr Right for me

Thanks to Deafsingleconnection. I already found a boyfriend Jared. He is the most awesome guy I've met in my life. He is a good person and I think he is Mr Right for me. Thanks god, I'm so happy we get along good together. We had our 1st anniversary together. We look so happy, Thank you deafsingleconnection. Candice* from West Virgina


Found Me !

After I joined DSC on Jan,2007, BlueAngelo6 found me and sent me a Hello. We exchanged our e-mail addresses and vp numbers. Since Jan, we kept contact almost everyday and we found much common in our lives. We praise God for HIS good to us. We finally met each other on Easter weekend. And we are so excited and continue our dating now. I encourage you all DSC members to include your pictures and completely profile that were big help rather than leaving many blanks or no pictures no profiles, many DSC members will ignore mostly on no pictures or many blanks.
Wish you all good luck.
Brooks (username)

brooks & BlueAngelo6

Parallel to one another

Brooks and I are currently dating after we met in January '07 thru DSC. We both are widows, born again christians with deep desire to read and share God's word with others. We share simillar interests and our paths and goals are parallel to one another. I wish you guys good luck with your search. Dont give up! smiles. ~BlueAngel06.


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