Success Stories: 2006

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Nice romance

We had a really wonderful weekend last Dec. We have a really nice romance and it was good to see him again. On Feb 14th he will give me nice Promise ring. We talk on vp almost everyday. He is funny and respects me. I really appreciate it.

**Updated March 30th, 2007**
We are doing good together. We had a wonderful 4 months and are now engaged. Thanks DSC for sending us a good match.

***Updated 8/5/08***
We are now married. We had a wonderful and simple wedding and then we went out with friends on a bays cruise and had a good time that evening.

Hagpurple21740 & deafthestars

It was love at first sight.

I met kitschko here on deaf singles. We talked for a month or so, and when we finally met it was love at first sight. Our relationship has been rocky, and we've had our ups-and-downs, but hasn't every relationship? Klitschko and I are engaged to be married in May of '07, and plan to live a long and happy life together. God has someone picked out for you already. It may take a while, but you will find your love. Don't give up! God Bless!

--deaflovr2023 and klitschko

deaflovr2023 and klitschko

It's a small world for us.

It's a small world for us as we knew each other from middle school and High school. It has been thirty years since we last saw each other in high school. We found each other on DSC. We are now dating and very happy with each other.

**Updated Nov 1 2007**
We got married on September 29, 2007. We are still very much in love and very happy. Thanks to Deaf Singles Connection that we found each other after 30 years.
Judaline and Edward of Rio Rancho

bettyboopinglady & Edwardz

So glad to have found my soulmate

Loudnissan240sx and Eaglefreak would like to say many thanks to DSC because if it's not for DSC, then we would have never met each other! I sure am so glad to have found my soulmate on the line and we already falling in love at first site and going to marry him soon!! Many thanks DSC again!! from Eaglefreak

eaglefreak & Loudnissan240sx

Found my darling half way around the world.

I found my darling half way around the world. I never though it would be possible without DSC's help. I look forward to marriage life after being single for so long. There's hope for everyone even it might take time. Keep up the good work, DSC!


It was a great experience

Thanks for DSC it has helped in finding ladies or men. I found a new guy from Illinois and, most important, we have both worked out our relationship within 2 yrs and we got married last April 20th. We went on a honeymoon (Deaf Royal Cruise) and we had a blast. We can't believe we made it! It was a great experience being a part of DSC for 3 yrs. It is very important to look for the right man. I am very pleased to thank deaf singles connection. Diane and Bob.
Good luck men and ladies in the future...smiley


We started dating right away.

My boyfriend and I met thru someone we knew at a Halloween party. He just couldn't keep his eyes off me all night. After the party, we thought we would never see each other again. Six months later, he found me thru this DSC so we started dating right away. We've been together for a few years and he talked me into marriage. If it wasn't for DSC, there would have be a fat chance for my honey to find me. Thanks so much to DSC!!


He proposing to ask me to marry him last month.

Joe is the one who found me from DSC (deaf singles connection), but he was younger than my age. He didn't care. So, we keep on chatting online since March 4th. He proposing to ask me to marry him last month. I really hope our marriage stays eternal. As long as we love each other. Thank you, DSC you've done your good job helping everyone find a better and honest person. Take care....Vicki


We have a lot common in life.

Hi this redneck. I met texcowgirl. We went on a date and I chatted online with her. I just found my soulmate. We help each other a lot, providing good feedback. We have a lot common in life. Thank you DSC it helped me so I can move on, have a new life, and throw the old one out. If you guys out there be patient we will get there I promise. Thanks
redneckchevy66 & texcowgirl

redneckchevy66 & texcowgirl

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